Studio Lead

Chris Mether



Chris has over 20 years experience presenting cultural content for the museum and Fine Arts sectors. His primary skills are in 3D design. A background in television and Fine Arts sculpture have equipped him with a unique approach to interpretation as a spatial installation practice. His most recent projects of note include: Mini Mega Model Museum (Melbourne Museum), The Courage for Peace (Australian War Memorial), The National Capital Exhibition (National Capital Authority, Canberra), and Rome: City and Empire (National Museum of Australia).
Museum exhibition design is a highly collaborative endeavour, requiring a holistic understanding of the individual parts that come together to form an experience. Working productively with clients and managing them is an important skill, each project often demands more than the expertise of an individual designer. Chris often assembles, leads and/or collaborates with other design professionals, including communication, industrial, lighting and (other) exhibition designers, as well as architects, interpretative stategists, writers and curators where their skills are required to bring a project to fruition.

Communities of Practice
Designing Experience, Designing for Social Change,
2022 Care for the Rare

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