Studio Lead

Dan Younger (he/they)


Dan Younger is a researcher, archivist, writer and educator focusing on creative strategy within social movements.
Their practice asks what emerges when we stop repressing our own and oppressing the imagination of others? What appears when we remove restrictions and limitations and create the internal and external conditions that allow our imagination to be expansive, flow and run wild? What moves people and what restricts that natural urge to move?
Dan’s speculative design practice focuses on individual and collective transformation bringing in concepts from adrienne maree brown’s emergent strategy, post-activism, somatics and abolition rooted in trauma-informed transformative and healing justice. Shifting away from ideologies that aim to reform or destroy the old towards movements that transform through creativity, healing and joy.
Through researching how the world is and came to be, their work aims to disrupt the complacent idea that what is, has always and will always be, how it has been imagined, designed and created and how it can be imagined, designed and created differently.
Communities of Practice
Designing Experience, Designing for Social Change, Designing Disobedience,
2023 Creative Destruction
2022 Free Form
2020 Free Form
2019 First Hand
2019 Free Form