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F1. Project Lab - Linton

Russell Kerr


Studio Inquiry

In this studio we will work with the small regional town of Linton on the design and implementation of a Literary Arts festival to be held in October 2019. We will collaborate with the local community to identity how a literary arts festival that might engage with external audiences as both a sustainable event and leading artistic program. We will investigate how to use Social Design and community engagement to best to tell local stories though meaningful connections with people and place. This studio directly confronts expected ways of working, specifically disrupting the traditional client - designer relationship.
Communities are rich sources of local knowledge that form an important component of histories and stories. The studio examines what forms local knowledge might take and how meaningful engagement with community informs the presentation and context of local knowledge. Through a design-led process the studio explores and challenges traditional relationship/s between client and designer.
Communication of knowledge
The primary focus of the studio is to engage with a regional community and develop design proposals that communicate local stories, through design, to external audiences and funding platforms. A range of communication design strategies will be used including oral and visual presentations, prototype design and face-to-face workshops.
Linton on Literary Arts (LOLA) is a multi-arts storytelling development project that tells the story of the past and present Linton. LOLA offers divers opportunities to connect and share stories, bringing together tree changers, long term residents, town folk and farmers within the district and beyond. Participants will create a range of solutions for LOLA including a Visual Identity, Design research document, exhibition program and various short run publications.
There are three assessment tasks for this studio, the briefs are made up of a range of milestone deliverables that are interconnected and build upon each other. Brief 01: Design research publication. Brief 02: Festival proposal document - Visual Identify, Festival Ideas mock up. Brief 03: SKO
Studio Partner
Linton and District Progress Association
Communities of Practice
Designing Experiences, Designing for Social Change

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