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Neale Skalberg


Studio Inquiry

Is design becoming SAME:SAME - are designers just following 'trends' & not challenging the status quo?

In this studio you will discover the importance of developing your own creative style and brand as a design practitioner in today's world. You will dive deep, explore and challenge your own creative pathway to forge THE CREATIVE YOU - your point of difference and the possible impact you could have on the world around you. If you inspire to be award wining art director to a disruptive illustrator, or even an entrepreneur t-shirt designer, this studio will help you harness your own unique 'creative style' and make a difference.
The studio will explore design trends, creative processes and personalities, locally and internationally, discovering how the thinking and creative output has made a difference in their field. Group discussion, inspiring videos, presentations and 'guest' appearances will all form a part of the engagement platform.
Communication of knowledge
The focus of the studio is to develop your own creative style and arm you with the real world insights to 'Make your Mark' as a design practitioner via a series of visual exercises and research.
The semester will be broken into 3 parts:

Part One - Self Portrait
Self discovery/reflection of your origin, belief system, values, passions and dreams via various mixed media posters .

Part Two - Create your Brand
Create a Brand that represents you YOU.?Target your customer, develop a customer journey and create your brand. Inclusive of Logo, colour palette, imagery, font and marketing material (digital and print)

Part Three - SKO
Part One - Self Portrait
Part Two - Create your Brand
Part Three - Student Knowledge Object
It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be. By Paul Arden
Communities of Practice
Designing Identity, Designing through Image

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