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F6. Prototype Designer

Blair Wilde


Studio Inquiry

This studio explores the future of design practices which integrate digital storytelling, video, 3D, AR, motion and emerging technology platforms with traditional graphic design. In this studio you will explore the potential for combining multi-disciplinary design practices with human-centred creativity. Through a series of hands-on activities and discussion you will develop a deeper understanding of the challenges and affordances of these emerging technologies alongside a broad skill set that you can apply to graphic and interaction projects. Working towards being an engaging storyteller. Experience More [x+]
You will research some of the disciplines within User Experience Design to develop an expanded understanding of the roles of people in interaction design projects.

We will explore your future design practice, experimenting with emerging technologies.
Communication of knowledge
You will create and submit presentations and digital prototypes to share your design outcomes and process.

The primary Focus of this studio is the Disciplines Surrounding Interaction Design.

We will explore and apply design strategies including the 5 Stages of Design Thinking and the Double Diamond.
You will be challenged to use a broad set of tools to create a range of creative responses to concepts relating to Interaction Design, User Experience Design and your future design practice.

Produce a set of design experiments in 3D, AR, motion and more
Create Info Graphics
Present Knowledge in multiple forms
Prototype an interactive Knowledge Resource
There are 4 assessments for this studio, the briefs are an interconnected set of milestone deliverables that build upon each other:

Brief 01: Studio Knowledge Object
Brief 02: Building blocks
Brief 03: Knowledge Objects
Brief 04: Creative Assets
Deloitte Spotlight on Visual & Interaction Design

5 Stages in the Design Thinking Process
At The Interaction Design Foundation
We've created the world's biggest and most authoritative library of open-source UX Design literature with such noted authors as Don Norman and Clayton Christensen
Studio Partner
Daniel Cheong-See

Principal National Creative Director, Deloitte Digital.
Leads The Visual & Interaction Design Team / TBC /
Communities of Practice
Designing Experiences, Designing Publications
Daniel Cheong-See from Deloitte Digital will be contributing to the Studio, sharing what he expects from people in his team and advice about a career in Visual and Interaction Design.

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