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Blair Wilde

6A, 6B
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Studio Inquiry

Radical Gardening in Urban Spaces: Designing for/with and through our environment. 


This studio brings together students and staff from design degrees in Melbourne (RMIT), Barcelona (ELISAVA) and London (LCC) working together on planetary issues at local and planetary level.   
In this studio you’re challenged to consider gardening as a radical and social act within urban spaces that considers design for the planet as well as diverse human needs. How can we design ‘recipes’ to encourage beneficial social and ecological use of existing green spaces or to reclaim and create new sites for radical gardening?  
We seek to address non-trivial issues that connect us in different parts of the world through a concern for planetary health and responsible design.   



How can we design ‘recipes’ to encourage beneficial social and ecological use of existing green spaces or to reclaim and create new sites for radical gardening? Actions to prevent further environmental degradation as well as effects on human health are innately social and therefore these recipes need to be actioned communally.  
We will work towards design propositions that can incite positive seriously playful and provocative outcomes and encourage creative resistance within the framing of the radical garden space. 


Communication of knowledge

These propositions will take the form of recipes to be collected as part of the Planetary Health Cookbook, ideas that can actioned by communities in other urban spaces. 


The Collaborative Design ideas will also be exhibited at Melbourne Design Week at the end of March. 


Brief 1: An Intensive Collaborative Design Challenge 
This is a two-week intensive working every weekday in cross-institutional teams with our studio partners.  

Brief 2: Sharing the Ideas  
The propositions will be presented online and exhibited at Melbourne Design Week.  
Brief 3: A Personal Proposal  
Learning from Brief 1, develop your own proposal with a community outcome in mind. Share this idea via the Planetary Health Cookbook.  
Brief 4: Studio Knowledge Object  
Reflecting and presenting your experiences of this Studio.   



There are four assessment tasks for this studio:

30% Brief 1: An Intensive Collaborative Design Challenge 

20% Brief 2: Sharing the Ideas  

20% Brief 3: A Personal Design Proposal  

30% Brief 4: Studio Knowledge Object 



Greening our Cities - SMALL FOOTPRINT Ep5 - 9:44 YouTube

Landscape architect Claire Martin and Victoria's first registered architect with an Indigenous background, Jefa Greenaway are taking on the task of improving Melbourne’s public, cultural and green spaces by finding Innovative ways to incorporate them into the identity of our growing city. Giving everyone in the city an opportunity to reconnect with nature and a true sense of place. 


Studio Partner

UAL / London College of Communication 

Elisava Barcelona / School of Design & Engineering 


Communities of Practice
Designing Experiences, Designing for Social Change

IMPORTANT - Schedule of classes


Classes are timetabled for: 

- Tuesdays 9:30 - 12:30

- Thursdays 11:30 - 1:30


There is an intensive design sprint - with classes every evening Monday to Friday 7:00 - 9:00pm during weeks 2 & 3 (7 to 18 March).


There will therefor be only one class per week from week 6 onward (on Thursdays). 


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