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F7. Symbolic Awareness

Ariel Aguilera & Panderosa


Studio Inquiry

This unit will explore iconography through the investigation of semiotics, symbolism and interpretative representation in order to deploy icons as symbolic images conveying subject, movement and/or ideal. These explorations will act as starting points towards the development of communicative iconography and symbolism addressing and communicating a series of themes. It will also gradually investigate the translatability potential of iconographic and symbolic language towards 3-dimensional application / adaptation, thus creating a dialogue between dimensional fields.


Through various in class workshops, participants will be asked to develop their own research and design methodology in relation to their work. Tasks within the unit will be put through a series of processes including deconstruction, reconstruction, repetition, disassembling and reassembling in order to extract simplified graphical qualities and create an iconographic and symbolistic communicative visual language. These finding will then be gradually translated and evaluated via peer review for their conceptual potential. The aim will be to bridge an informative line between process and outcome, create a dialogue between dimensional fields (2d-3d), and explore the communicative interpretation of icons and symbols.

Communication of knowledge

The focus of the studio will be on process, making and experimentation; engaging the conceptual and making processes in a comprehensive and motivated way. There will be a strong focus on the development of one’s own work, through regular deliberation and analytical discussion. As the studio progresses you will be asked to develop your initial findings in relation to iconography, into a series of complex graphic outcomes, and establishing a dialogue between dimensional fields. Design elements and principles such as line, shape/form, colour, space and type will be explored and examined through a variety of processes including : extraction, simplification, deconstruction, fragmentation, reconstruction, implementation and translation via a series of exercises and workshops.


Over the course of the semester you will create three different design outcomes exploring the development of signs, symbols and iconography as interpretive and communicative tools.

(1) Research document.
(2) Development and refinement of iconographic communication through visual form.
(3) Production of reflective 'SKO' document outlining your 'journey' and the various processes/methods explored in relation to iconography and communicative symbolism.


Brief 01: Research and exploration.
Brief 02: Iconographic development and application.
Brief 03: Social awareness kit production (SKO)


Visual Grammar - Christian-Leborg
Square, Circle, Triangle - Bruno Munari

Communities of Practice
Designing Experiences, Designing Identity, Designing through Image

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