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F7. A Tale of Assemblage

Ariel Aguilera & Pandarosa


Studio Inquiry

This unit will explore various image making techniques in relation to collage through the use of photography, drawing & photocopying. These techniques will be utilised as communicative vehicles towards creating ‘narrative’ driven outcomes through the exploration of design elements & principles such as line, shape, texture, scale, contrast, movement & others.


There will be a strong focus in the development of one’s own image making capabilities through diverse media use, technique and observational skills. This aims to aid participants in creating communicative imagery which expresses a strong sense of narrative and communication through process and an immersive approach towards the development of visual outcomes. As the unit progresses participants will be asked to enhance and refine their collage techniques through a diverse application of mediums, concepts and methodologies. 

Communication of knowledge

The focus of the studio will be on process, making and experimentation; engaging the conceptual and making processes in a comprehensive and motivated way. There will be a strong focus on the development of one’s own work, through regular deliberation and analytical discussion. As the studio progresses you will be asked to develop your initial findings in relation to collage, into a series of complex visual 'narratives', and establishing a dialogue between process and outcome. Design elements and principles such as line, shape, texture, scale, contrast, movement will be explored and examined through a variety of processes including : observation, extraction, categorisation, assemblage, deconstruction, reconstruction, and arrangement via a series of exercises and workshops.


Over the course of the semester you will create three different design outcomes exploring the development of signs, symbols and iconography as interpretive and communicative tools.

(1) Reflective Process document.
(2) Development and refinement of visual 'Narrative' communication through collage techniques / outcomes.
(3) Production of reflective 'SKO' document outlining your 'journey' and the various processes/methods explored in relation to collage/assemblage.


Brief 01: Research and exploration.
Brief 02: Collage/Assemblage development and application.
Brief 03: Social awareness kit production (SKO)


Cutting Edges - Contemporary Collage
R. Klanten, H. Hellige, J. Gallagher

hardcover ISBN: 978-3-89955-338-3

Publisher: Gestalten


The Age of Collage - Contemporary Collage in Modern Art

Dennis Busch, Robert Klanten, Hendrik Hellige

hardcover ISBN: 978-3-89955-483-0
Publisher: Gestalten


Collage: Assembling Contemporary Art

Blanche Craig
hardcover ISBN: 978-1906155391

Publisher: Black Dog Publishing


Communities of Practice
Designing Experiences, Designing Identity, Designing through Image

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