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Studio Inquiry

This studio is a practical lesson in designing within the limitations of the real-world under the guidance of Dan Smith, a full-time graphic designer and co-founder of Both. Asking how a visual identity can be applied consistently across a suite of print and digital assets, this studio uses constraints as an opportunity to push your understanding of the functionality of a successful design outcome.
After a period of researching a current festival or cultural event, using your observations as a catalyst you will propose a film festival of your choice and bring it to life through a communication strategy. After creating a brand Style Guide, you will then apply the visual identity to a range of practical applications.


Initially, students are encouraged to find and collect examples of printed matter related to a current festival or cultural event, analysing and comparing these against accompanying digital assets to unpack what makes a successful visual communication strategy.
Studio sessions will run as mini workshops and breakout groups, where students are encouraged to build confidence when speaking about and critiquing design. You'll be required to present your research findings, and it will be this new knowledge that forms the foundation for your own design outcome. No Pinterest mood boarding here!

Communication of knowledge

Building on your research, you will propose a film festival of your choice, research your chosen theme to inform the communication strategy and creative direction, create a visual identity and brand Style Guide, and then ultimately apply it across a suite of print and digital assets; all to be housed within a Concept Presentation document, and ready to be presented to the stakeholders of a speculative cinema hosting the festival.


Functioning as a fast-paced working studio, students will be challenged with a series of real-world briefs and specifications to apply their visual identity to and produce print-ready street posters, a program, a tram wrap, merchandise, standard digital marketing assets (including leaderboard, half page, and MREC advertisements), and social media assets to name a few.


There are three assessment tasks for this studio, the briefs are made up of a range of milestone deliverables that are interconnected and build upon each other.
Brief 01: SKO
Brief 02: Brand Style Guide
Brief 03: Concept Presentation document


The Importance of Naivety in the Design Process by M/M (Paris)
Exhibition identity for the annual Photo Fair at the CCP by TCYK (click "Read" to listen to or read the interview)

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