Design for Regional Communities

Adrian Zanardo

SECOND YEAR [GRAP2641 / 2643]
9A TUESDAY 15:30~18:30, 9B WEDNESDAY 16:00~18:00
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Studio Inquiry

Leveraging the essence of a place as a destination is mandatory. Without it a place and its people cannot connect and thrive.

Placemaking and destination marketing has become integral to the success of communities, playing a key role in restoring or uplifting civic pride, bringing people together, and communicating the values, traditions and unique traits of place.

In an increasingly connected world, this studio explores the role Communication Design has in contributing to and enriching communities.


This studio will engage with research through the discovery and presentation of case studies, and an enquiry into students own travel experiences and understanding of community and place. Throughout the semester the assessment tasks will unpack design methodology, explore current and predicted design, placemaking and tourism opportunities and trends, and ask students to apply design and strategic thinking to chosen outcomes.


Simultaneously, a range of short studio exercises will develop students ability to think quickly and outside the box, while helping to extend their creative and strategic thinking.

Communication of knowledge

– Students will explore and undertake research to develop an understanding of context of place, taking into consideration First Nations people and histories, contemporary social context and areas of opportunity.


– Students will develop a brief for and produce a contemporary design project that fits within the context of their chosen regional community, enriched by a strategic focus and intent.


– You will further your skills in developing design outcomes for placemaking, tourism, experience and specifically for regional communities.


In this studio, students will be investigating a chosen place within regional Victoria. Through a process of research they will discover and showcase its history, cultural and social contexts, the existing design presence within their chosen place, and explore future opportunities through a design project with a placemaking or tourism centred focus. In introductory assessment tasks and throughout the series of studio exercises, there will also be the opportunity to create a wider range of design artefacts at a smaller, more experimental scale.


Brief No.1: A5 Research Zine (Week 4)


Brief No.2: Design Project (Week 12)


Brief No.3: Studio Knowledge Object (SKO) (Week 13)


As a way to introduce the shifts that domestic (& regional) tourism is currently experiencing, and the opportunities that it holds > Link


Ahead of our first class it also might be worthwhile to explore the diverse regions the state of Victoria has to offer, to help gain an early understanding of the context we will place our assignments into.

Communities of Practice
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