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F2. Brief Sabbatical

Suzie Zezula


Studio Inquiry

Some of the most innovative solutions occur when creative practitioners who are strong in their personal practice join forces to create collective responses to a shared vision. In this studio you will develop a confidence in your personal practice, developing a personal artefact, while also finding design community by working collaboratively. Be prepared to take risks and get out of your comfort zone.
In Brief Sabbatical - you will be encouraged to push yourselves to have an innovative and conceptual approach to your design practice. We want you to put aside this studio time to research and be inspired by many artists and designers who do design work but also have self-directed outcomes and interests. You will take an active approach in coming up with and testing ideas, finding inspiration in unexpected places and being open to learning from mistakes. You will appreciate the importance of making time to focus on your personal practice to inform and maintain your practice as future designers.
Communication of knowledge
This studio is very hands on (making, doing, testing, PLAYING) as well as media agnostic, and will allow you to thoroughly explore any format which interests your practice. One of the main outcomes of this studio is for students to propose and present a personal project that has come out of your research, inspiration and experiments. The media and format used in your personal project will be entirely open and up to you. Each student will also participate in an exhibition at the conclusion of the studio.
(1) Finding topics + techniques that you feel passionate about to experiment with (2) Through experiments and peer support work on a personal project (3) Identifying topics/positions/situations/causes to respond to for your personal project in a public forum
Brief 01: A reference journal of inspiration and concepts Brief 02: Refined prototype of a personal project Brief 03: Studio Knowledge Object - A conceptual presentation of your inspiration + results Brief 04: Final artefact for exhibition
Studio Partner
A gallery space for final presentation of work.
Communities of Practice
Designing Experiences, Designing Disobedience, Designing through Image, Designing the Post-Digital

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