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C1. Typographica Projectorama

Russell Kerr


Studio Inquiry

In this studio you will interrogate experimental approaches to graphic design from a time when technology and culture were colliding due to advances in new technology and methods of production. You will examine the relationship between producer and consumer by engaging with plastic typographic form and legibility using large format projection art as your primary canvas. This studio investigates how might an experimental graphic design practice be relevant in 2019 and beyond? We will travel to Mildura for a 2 day workshop during the mid semester break where you will collaborate with young people from Mildura and create a number of artworks to be projected in and around Mildura.
Through experimental practice the studio explores and challenges traditional means of telling local stories using large scale projection art, experimental graphic design and community engagement. ??You will present your work to an external audience at the Cultivator design conference in October.
Communication of knowledge
The primary focus of the studio is to develop an experimental design practice that can be used to tell stories to external audiences. A range of communication design strategies will be used including oral and visual presentations, prototype design and face-to-face workshops.

The studio takes you on a journey to find and develop your personal, experimental, design practice. You will design and produce a number of experimental compositions that form the basis of a physical publication or toolkit. ??The second part of the studios engages with young people from Mildura to tell local stories through projection art. You will use your experimental practice developed in the first part of the studio to interpret stories and create large scale projected animations.
This studio has 3 interwoven assessment tasks that inform each other and act as a critical dialogue with the subject matter.
1. Experimental tool kit (publication).
2. Projection artwork (large format animation).
3. Studio Knowledge Object.
Studio Partner
Cultivator Inc
Communities of Practice
Designing for Social Change, Designing Identity, Designing through Image, Designing Publications, Designing Disobedience

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