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S1. The UX studio

Christopher Dalamagas


Studio Inquiry

In addition to the themes of desirable, feasible and viable user experience design across Service, Interaction and Business design, the studio will explore common barriers of miscommunication and pushback from users and clients. Helping students establish a sense of comfortability with user confusion and how to develop best practices to eliminate this dynamic. For context, users and industry clients absorb and distill information in very different ways, forming at times complex separations between what the client thinks is essential and what is actually needed to satisfy the end user.
In addition to understanding user needs, behaviours and opinions, students will be directed to develop an understanding of best agile development practices to efficiently test the user market to learn and adapt the UX design through the design and prototyping process.
Communication of knowledge
In addition to best processes to create world class digital experiences, techniques to solve real world problems, the studio will incorporate digital communication and presentation techniques to help student become comfortable communicating their ideas and designs to high stake holding individuals. For context, almost always there are groups of industry individuals in which ideas and concepts will be presented to, often these meetings are intense and require strategies to keep discussion on track and outcome orientated.
Much like last years studio, undertaking and communicating stages of user research, journey mapping, user profiling, interface design, prototyping, commercial validation, and presenting results as a business case.
Brief 01: Research project Brief 02: Major project (informed by research) SKO: Presentation
Communities of Practice
Designing Experiences, Design and the Post-Digital

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