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Neale Skalberg


Studio Inquiry

Is design becoming SAME:SAME - are designers just following 'trends' & not challenging the status quo? In this studio you will investigate the importance of developing your own creative style / brand / as an artist in todays world. You will dive deep, explore and challenge your own creative pathway to forge THE CREATIVE YOU - your point of difference and the possible impact you could have on the world around you. If you inspire to be award wining art director to a disruptive illustrator, or even an entrepreneur t-shirt designer, this studio will help you harness your own unique 'creative style' and make a difference.
The studio will explore past and current design trends and personalities, locally and internationally, discovering how the thinking and creative output has changed and who and how have made a difference in their field. Group discussion, presentations and 'guest' appearances will all form a part of the engagement platform.
Communication of knowledge
The focus of the studio is to develop your own creative style / signature / brand via a use of various mixed media: photography, typography, illustration, animation / video etc through a series of self discovery visual exercises.
The semester will be broken into 4 parts: Part One - Self Portrait Self discovery/reflection of your origin, belief system, values, passions and dreams via various mixed media. Part Two - YOU: The Brand - Mini Guidelines Design your Brand. The brand should represent YOU as a designer. This should include a developed style and creative direction. 'Your Mini Brand Guidelines' inclusive of Logo, colour palette, imagery, font etc Part Three - YOU: The Brand - Visual Showcase Develop and design visual representation of your new brand using you 'mini guidelines'. Explore the idea of, but not limited to: Print / Poster, Illustration on a skateboard, t-shirt design or even video/animation.
One - Self Portrait Two - YOU: The Brand - Mini Guidelines Three - YOU: The Brand - Visual showcase - SKO
Communities of Practice
Designing Identity, Designing through Image

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