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F2. Luxury packaging in a climate emergency

Russell Kerr


Studio Inquiry

As the country burns what role might luxury packaging play in a society grappling with a changing climate and uncertain future? In this studio you will critique and create high end packaging solutions and propositions while also researching what luxury might mean in a state of climate emergency. The studio is grounded in refined craft-based outcomes but challenges students to conceptually critique the luxury status quo and reframe the role luxury packaging might play in 2020 and beyond.
Students will need to investigate the both the luxury sector and sustainable outcomes. You will interrogate and engage with difficult subject matter and questions not usually confronted by the Luxury industry. You will develop a personal, informed position on the role of Luxury for your future design practice.
Communication of knowledge
Your learnings and research will be presented in the form of 3D prototypes for each brief that are targeted at a particular demographic/s as defined through your research. You will push understandings of high-end packaging and the role of Luxury in a changing climate.
This studio is dynamic and includes field trips, guest speakers, class discussions and presentations, regular group crits and one to one consultation scattered throughout each brief. In this studio, your conceptual thinking, research, typographic knowledge, eye for detail, and art direction skills will be challenged. You will need to be flexible and highly organised. You will create a number or physical mock-ups and printouts that will be delivered/showcased on a weekly basis.
This studio has 3 interwoven assessment tasks that inform each other and act as a critical dialogue with the subject matter. Brief 1: Design packaging for a luxury concept - Printed mock up. Brief 2: Design packaging for a luxury branded product - Printed mock up. Brief 3: SKO - An A5 reflective publication
Communities of Practice
Designing for Social Change, Designing Publications, Designing Disobedience

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