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S4. Culture Comms

Trevor Streader


Studio Inquiry

The Culture Coms studio explores the field of designing communications for cultural events and organisations. It can be hugely rewarding to be able to observe first hand how your design provides life enriching experiences to audiences. The studio will investigate the strategies that inspire, guide and inform the decision making processes of cultural institutions. You will investigate the role of organisational vision, mission and brand positioning and be introduced to audience segmentation. Finally you will develop a design strategy that will be used to drive the creative development of innovative and inspiring visual communications.
Students will research the vision, mission, values, target audiences and brand positioning of an existing cultural organisation. Informed by the research knowledge, they will propose an exhibition or event concept and craft an engaging visual language that powerfully positions the concept to the target audience. The resolved concept will finally be presented in a proposal format ready to present to key stakeholders, typically senior and executive management.
Communication of knowledge
Knowledge will be communicated via the presentation of group research and individually presented communication design strategies and design concepts. Finally, students will present an event/exhibition proposal comprising a positioning strategy, a visual identity, visitor experience visualisation and an announcement campaign.
Personal connections with cultural organisations and activities will be documented and shared. Students will work in groups to research a cultural institution and make group presentations outlining the purpose of the organisation and the strategies employed to deliver events and exhibitions to specific audiences. They will participate in peer to peer work in progress presentations and provide critical feedback and support to one another throughout the design development process.
There will be three assessment tasks.
Project 1 - 25%
Project 2 - 45%
Project 3 - 30%
Communities of Practice
Designing Experiences, Designing Identity, Designing through Image

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