Frequently Asked Questions

Updated for Semester 2, 2022

Will my studio be delivered online or face-to-face?
Studios are now delivered either entirely online or entirely face-to-face. This is different to semester 1, which included a mixed or 'concurrent' delivery mode. If you enrol in a face-to-face studio, you are now expected to attend those classes in person. If you are unable to attend scheduled face-to-face classes because you are outside of Melbourne, then you should only enrol in studios marked 'Online Only'

I am a student studying remotely (outside of Australia) but I still want to do one of the face-to-face studios. Is that possible?
No. It is no longer possible to enrol in a face-to-face studio if you are studying while outside of Melbourne or cannot attend in person.

But in semester 1 students could join any studio from anywhere in the world, why can't I still do that in semester 2?
In line with School of Design 'return to campus' policies, we have decided to no longer offer 'concurrent' (mixed online and face-to-face) studios. Students who cannot attend classes in person must now enrol in studios marked 'Online Only'.

How do I enrol into my preferred studio?
The myTimetable system is used for preferencing your studios. It will remain available for around 2 weeks after it opens. During this time you will submit at least 10 studio preferences. After the ballot closes, the admin team will attempt to timetable you into one of these preferences.

Does every student get one of their preferences?
We do our very best to place students into their highest studio preference, often in the top 5. Some studios are more popular than others, and will fill up sooner. Other studios may clash with your other scheduled classes. So our advice is to look through all studio proposals carefully to ensure that you would be satisfied doing any of your 10 preferences.

What are the chances that I will get my first studio preference?
A number of factors determine which studio you get. These factors include timetabling into other courses (including electives), how quickly your preferred studio fills, and your year-level (third year students are given some priority). With over 470 students balloting for 21 studios, it is very unlikely that every student will be able to enrol into their #1 preference. Again, be sure to make at least 10 preferences.

I didn't get the studio I wanted, can you please arrange for a change?
You can make a change request in myTimetable (by adding a 'heart' next to the studio you wish to move into) and you will be moved if a place becomes available. We cannot make exceptions and move students into studios which are full. Please do NOT contact studio leads directly, they have no access to timetable systems.

When/where will I know which studio I am enrolled in?
Your assigned studio will appear on myTimetable.

I absolutely must change my studio because *reasons*, what can I do?
Check myTimetable for available space in alternative studios. Many students move around once the myTimetable results are published, so it may be possible to enrol into a different studio even at a late stage. Because studios are sometimes filled to capacity they may have multiple students waiting to enter, in this case available places will be allocated in order of request.

What difference can one more student make to a class, so can you please make an exception and add me anyway?
No. As frustrating as it may feel to have a limit on studios, it is not fair on students or teachers when some studios are filled beyond their capacity.

I know the studio lead, so can I just email them to ask them if I can join their class?
No. Really, no. Studio leads have no control on preferencing, and cannot manually add you to their classes. Contacting a studio lead causes delays and confusion and will not change the outcome of the preferencing system. The myTimetable system is the only way to enrol into studios.

Ooooft! This is all too confusing and I'm not sure what is expected of me. What should I do?
Breathe. Then contact the studios coordinator ~~~> Andy Simionato