Archive: 2020_2
Craft Studios
In Your Face! Stereotype Mono Et Mono.
—Leigh Whetter
—Alex Zubryn & Georgia Janetzki
—Suzie Zezula & Shayna Quinn
Words & Pictures (working Title)
—Robin Cowcher
Ux Prototype Designer
—Blair Wilde
Futures Studios
Codewords = Code + Words
—Andy Simionato & Karen ann Donnachie
Life Aquatic
—Tania Ivanka
Nature Love
—Trevor Streader
Future Brand Image
—David Cutter
Slave To The Algorithm
—Karen ann Donnachie
Strategy Studios
Melbourne - Kulin Tour Guide
—Bec Nally
Tasty Culture
—Chris Hewson & N/A
Walking The Design Tightrope: Designing To The Edges
—Suzie Zezula & Lauren Murray
Public Practices: Design, Place And Dialogue
—Neal Haslem & James Oliver
Acknowledging Design At Home
—Peter West & Edward Hubber
Un/certain Positions
—Nicola St John