Archive: 2023_1
Craft Studios
Print's Not Dead!
—Nicola Hardy
Story + Sequence
—Ben Juers
If Trees Could Speak
—Tania Ivanka
Book Cover Design : Imaginative Interpretation Of Literature
—Jenny Grigg
Workshop : Image-making For Design Praxis
—Alex Zubryn & Georgia Janetzki
Making Books. Weird Systems.
—Stuart Geddes
Futures Studios
Creative Destruction
—Dan Younger
Artificial Versus Human : A Battle Of The Intelligences
—Leigh Whetter & Russell Kerr
Directing Design Vision
—David Cutter
Ux Studio : Designing Experience
—Christopher Dalamagas
Hospitable Futures
—Rachel Worcou & Bec Nally
What If? Designing Fiction And Speculation
—Ed Hubber
Reignite Melbourne
—Trevor Streader
Strategy Studios
Make Your Mark : Melbourne
—Neale Skalberg
Studio Air : Common Design Studio 2023
—Blair Wilde & Neal Haslem
Tasty Culture
—Chris Hewson
Logo Iconica
—David Cutter
Love Letters : Typography Straight From The Heart
—Suzie Zezula & Lauren Murray
Imaginarium : Flora & Fauna
—Michelle Soldatos