Archive: 2019_2
Craft Studios
Typographica Projectorama
—Russell Kerr
Handle With Care
—Karen ann Donnachie
Life Drawing: Visualising Identity Through The Body
—Alex Zubryn & Georgia Janetzki
Great Minds Think Alike
—Shayna Quinn
Editorial Illustration
—Robin Cowcher
Graphic Dimensions
Futures Studios
What? A Bloody Waste!
—Leigh Whetter
—Tania Ivanka & Toni Roberts
Bamboo Bikes
—Lance Rake & Russell Kerr / Mik Efford
—Trevor Streader & Leah Heiss
Future Brand Image
—David Cutter
Experience Design For Industry And Entrepreneurship
—Lyndsey Fisk
Strategy Studios
First Hand
—Dan Younger
Oh Wow! Hippies 'n Whole Earth
—John MacKinnon & Manasee Jog
Tasty Culture
—Chris Hewson & N/A
Service Design 2020
—Beck Storer
Design For Regional Communities
—Adrian Zanardo