Archive: 2022_2
Craft Studios
Designing For Music
—Bradley Pinkerton
Mutate + Multiply
—Ben Juers
Music To My Eyes - Design For Music
—Ben Mangan
Room To Play
—Mary Callahan
Guftagu: Inter-cultural Story-telling
—Manasee Jog
Design Ltd.
—Dan Smith
Care-full! Small-press And Making Publications
—Ed Hubber
Futures Studios
Future Brand Image
—David Cutter
Mess Is More: Drawing With Machines & Robots
—Karen ann Donnachie & Andy Simionato
In Other Worlds
—Nicola Hardy
Ux Studio - Designing Experience
—Christopher Dalamagas
I, Robot
—Fiona Andreallo
A Tale Of Assemblage
—Ariel Aguilera & Pandarosa
Strategy Studios
In Your Face! Stereotype Mono Et Mono.
—Leigh Whetter
Make Your Mark
—Neale Skalberg
Agents Of Change
—Rute Chaves
Sell Out Studio
—Peter West
Un/certain Positions: Ethics & Co-design
—Nicola St John
Melbourne - Kulin Tour Guide
—Bec Nally
Working Our Wall: Gradshow Design
—Suzie Zezula & Lauren Murray
Prototype Designer
—Blair Wilde