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Peter West

15A Monday, 15B Monday
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Studio Inquiry

This studio will explore how designers engage with an Indigenous gourmet snack food brand. You will be working with a new First Nations snack food retail client. You will investigate the market category of gourmet snack foods and the particular business practices of First Nations peoples. You will explore media forms such as digital communications, event communications and targeted print media.


You will engage with current design discourse on Design with Indigenous / First Nations peoples and knowledges and sustainability in design and communication. You will also explore a range of conceptual development prompts in order to expand your understanding of ideas generation and working through 'creative blocks'.

Communication of knowledge

You will explore the categories of gourmet snack foods and Indigenous retail products. Based on your research findings you will propose and generate effective, exciting ideas that reflect the unique nature of the clients brand offering. You will art direct and design communications / (digital / print) advertising that tells the unique stories of Indigenous flavours, food sharing and snack foods.


You will engage with a retail client, attend an onsite client briefing, meet with Indigenous artists and a major gourmet food distributor. You will also research and share examples of effective design and communication interventions. You will present your strategy and design to the client and design your practice of designing with Indigenous business.


There are three assessment tasks for this studio, the briefs are made up of a range of milestone deliverables that are interconnected and build upon each other.
Brief 1 - (SKO) - My practice of engaging with Indigenous business
Brief 2 - (Research / Explore) Gourmet Snack Foods and Indigenous Business.
Brief 3 - My Creative proposal (Folio)

Studio Partner

Uncle Charlie's Tastes of Country.

Gourmet Brands / Gourmet Pantry.


Communities of Practice
Designing for Social Change, Design and the Post-Digital, Designing through Image

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