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Mary Callahan

20A Thursday, 20B Thursday
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Studio Inquiry

This studio is all about play and being playful. In the process of ideation, unexpected ideas and directions can reveal themselves when we give ourselves permission to play. It can help a designer to 'loosen up' and open the mind and the eye to possibilities, instead of racing to a pre-determined outcome. After ideation, students will continue to explore notions of play as they work to produce designs in series (iterate) which will include books, fluid identities or other relevant artefacts.    





Students will analyse the work of artists and designers whose work might be playful or apparently simple but can provoke or convey complex messages. You'll explore strategies for increasing audience or viewer engagement.  


Communication of knowledge

You will learn to recognise the potential of accidents and mistakes, and how constraints (either self-imposed or external) can be used to your benefit to generate engaging outcomes. You will make work that can captivate, disrupt, delight and surprise.  
At the end of this studio you will be able to communicate – and your output will show – your capacity to be experimental, to be flexible, to bring creativity to briefs and to visualise abstract concepts. 


You will play through weekly exercises that include constraints – they might be time constraints, material, process or colour.

You will produce designs in series which could include books, fluid identities or other relevant artefacts.


There are three assessment tasks, each one will contain individual milestones and will be presented to class.

Brief 01: Presentation of workshop outcomes
Brief 02: A fluid design system to work across your choice of branding, book series or other design artefact. 
Brief 03: SKO



Communities of Practice
Designing Identity, Designing through Image, Designing Publications, Designing Disobedience

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