Print's Not Dead!

Nicola Hardy

17A Friday, 17B Friday
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Studio Inquiry

How do you create a desire for something that everyone tells us is obsolete?

How do you create a printed artefact that:


- people want / have a connection with / desire

- evokes the senses

- and is difficult to replicate or fully appreciate digitally or via a virtual experience?


You will explore the communication of ideas and create a zine-style 'publication' while questioning the nature of the publication itself and exploring the irresistible, the limited edition, the unique.


- Investigate the advent of small press and zine publishing and its purpose

- Explore the form of the publication itself - challenging you to go beyond a 12-page saddle-stitched A5 zine

- Discover ways of working with type and image 

- Experiment with the construction of story within the parameters of print

- Pore over examples of DIY small press and independent publishing, as well as high-end luxury publications

- Engage with a small press studio 

- Explore independent booksellers to view the cutting edge of independent publishing

- Have the option to gain hands-on experience at the NGV Art Book Fair as your studio lead tables at the event.

Communication of knowledge

You will demonstrate knowledge by producing a desirable and unique publication that challenges the conventions of form and content. The assessment tasks will communicate your assimilation of the knowledge and skills developed in the studio. 


This will involve creative thinking, experimentation, failure, missteps, mistakes, accidents, getting out of one's comfort zone, research, and probably some crying from either frustration or the sheer beauty of your achievements. 



You can expect hands-on activities including but not limited to…

- workshops on creating content 

- experimental writing and image creation

- wrangling paper through folding and cutting techniques 

- organising information

- collaborative Risograph print experiments

- participatory activities

- field trips 

- weekly readings / visuals to discuss

- ample opportunity for student-led inquiry

- independent research leading down vast rabbit holes

- generation of ideas and iterations

- messiness and chaos

- and more!


There will be three assessment tasks in this studio comprised of milestone deliverables that are interconnected and build upon each other, with the main component being your own printed 'publication' – the form of which will be developed throughout this studio.


Brief 01: A collection of in-studio workshop outcomes exploring form, content and methods – journal-style documentation.
Brief 02: Development, creation and final presentation of your publication
Brief 03: SKO


The Invention of Desire, Helfand, Jessica

Stolen Sharpie Revolution, Wrekk, Alex

The Address Book, Calle, Sophie

... and any zines or small press publications

Studio Partner

MABF 2023 Melbourne Art Book Fair @ NGV 

Communities of Practice
Designing Publications, Designing Disobedience

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