Imaginarium : flora & fauna

Michelle Soldatos

2A Tuesday, 2B Tuesday
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Studio Inquiry

The primary field of inquiry is to explore creative possibilities through challenging what we know, pushing boundaries and moving beyond our comfort zones as we utilise the increasingly popular flora & fauna theme for this studio’s imaginarium. This studio focuses on developing and challenging creative talents and ideas to encourage growth in studio practice.


Students will engage in research into the flora & fauna theme observing creative media, techniques, methods and applications to inspire and encourage the development of imaginative and creative ideas. A broad range of possibilities will be researched and investigated for insights into effective ways of challenging and identifying obstacles.

Communication of knowledge

You will further develop your creative talents, imagining and experimenting with creative possibilities inspired by flora & fauna media, techniques and methods. You will challenge what you know, encourage your imagination, push boundaries and promote opportunities for successful creative design and application. 


Students will research the flora & fauna theme observing creative media, techniques and methods. Creative strengths and talents will be challenged through creation and application promoting growth in studio practice.


Assignment 1: The SKO will be a creative document describing and reflecting on your studio experience.

Assignment 2: Has 3 parts – researching the flora & fauna theme, utilising research to develop creative strengths and challenge new ideas, applying designs to applications showcasing growth in studio practice.


Flora & Fauna: Design Inspired by Nature, Victionary, 2018

Communities of Practice
Designing Experiences, Designing through Image

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