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Directing Design Vision

David Cutter


Studio Inquiry

The studio will operate based on a primary inquiry and a secondary inquiry.
The primary studio inquiry is how to define, explore and develop successful Art Direction Design.
The secondary studio inquiry is how to perpetuate new thinking and new visual language in Art Direction.


The studio will develop, then use investigative research and research reflection analysis as the basis for strategic planning and creative thinking. Summary research reports will evidence knowledge, in combination with creative development review and reflection.

Communication of knowledge

Through the creation of two design prototypes, the studio offers students an opportunity to deeply investigate a specific design industry by creating a large project in a choice of speciality focus, i.e print publication design, advertising campaign, art direction & design for brand, or environmental communications/graphics. Methods and techniques of composition, image, colour, typography, and media in context will be explored.


The studio will establish itself and run as a semi-professional operating studio, where the further development of each individual art director designer as practitioner is the over-arching focus.
This studio will include both group and peer critique/feedback, methodologies workshops, investigation study discussions and purpose-based/purpose managed open studio session timeframes.


Project 1: SKO.
Project 2.1: Understanding Visual Language in Art Direction Design and defining success in Art Direction Design for context.
Project 2.2: Exploring strategy techniques including Strategy in Media choice and orientation. Exploring Vision and Concept, and Design techniques.
Project 3: Developing Art Direction Design for Media orientation and application.



Studio Partner


Communities of Practice
Designing Identity, Designing through Image, Designing Publications

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