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Studio: 11A Friday | 11B Friday
Artificial versus Human : A Battle of the Intelligences

Leigh Whetter & Russell Kerr


Studio Inquiry

This studio challenges traditional design processes by engaging with the emerging area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. You will use AI to challenge your creative process and develop human responses to various prompts and challenges.

We are on the precipice of change. Dramatic change–that will affect each and every one of us. ‘Stable Diffusion’, ‘Midjourney', Dall-E’, ‘GPT-3’. These are a few of the ’machine learning’ AI engines leading a potential shift in human behaviour and ‘evolution’.

Engaging in active discussions, creative projects, workshops and open communications, we will discover and discern AI’s impact upon society, creativity and originality – ‘a journey into the unknown'. A global debate is already in full flight – these conversations will be a powerful and dividing one – we will aim to be at the forefront of understanding our roles as designers and communicators in this fascinating and challenging new era.

In this studio we will research, discuss, create and engage.


By taking a hands-on approach (analogue) you will be generating your own research led design artefacts whilst engaging with AI and other digital methods of visual communication. You will be required to interpret knowledge, movements and reactions to your work in public spaces. You will bend and break rules in this studio.

Communication of knowledge

In this studio you will be expected to deploy all of your creative, design thinking and making skills. You will be required to develop outcomes with thought and skill, that concisely communicate your ideas to a broad audience. You will need to evaluate how AI may impact both the designer and the designer’s audience-beyond the obvious. We will look within, through and beyond the metaverse of AI. Your outcomes should demonstrate a deep understanding of the subject matter, allowing your work to inform and educate those residing outside of ‘Natural Design and Machine Learning’ environments.


This studio is calling upon you to use your hands, your heart, your soul, your creative ‘natural’ thinking and your design-based skills. You will define and explore methods from which you can challenge the current construct and form a personal narrative. By discerning, deconstructing, reassembling and creating intelligent artefacts you will demonstrate your ability and originality. You will expected to explore context, form, material and process. Outcomes will be in the form of visually creative and written materials and expressive artefacts demonstrating your understanding of the subject matter.


This Studio has 3 interlinked assessment tasks. Each inform the other and are a critical dialogue with the subject matter.

1. Studio Knowledge Object (SKO) - Public facing exhibition (various mediums)

2. Printed Design Statement (800 Words). 

3. Work in Progress Portfolio Publication (approximately 100 pages documenting your studio work throughout the duration of semester).

Communities of Practice
Designing Experiences, Designing Disobedience

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