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Chris Hewson

14A Friday, 14B Friday
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Studio Inquiry

This studio will explore the history of culture and explore how culture affects us as designers and as individuals. A cultural piece or artefact would be an example derived from either of the three divergent yet competing cultural meanings including culture as a process of individual enrichment, as when we say that someone is 'cultured', culture as a group's 'particular way of life,' as when we talk about French culture, company culture, or multiculturalism and culture as an activity, pursued by means of the museums, concerts, books, and movies that might be encouraged by a Ministry of Culture.


Students will explore various design artefacts and will use these pieces to design various communication pieces. Research into specific creative artefacts will be the basis of the contribution to knowledge, leading to the development of an inquiry and research that is practice-based. Analysis and final submissions of the work will include a substantial contextualisation of the creative examples and will incorporate inquiries fed through methods including: Case studies - Conversation Analysis - Qualitative analysis - Video recall and analysis - Reflective practice - Documentation of the research/analysis process

Communication of knowledge

Students will learn how to source inspiration via the means of culture and to apply these imaginative forces in conjunction with design related activities.


Students will be exposed to classroom based workshop activities which will feed into their learning of the subject matter.


This studio has 3 interwoven assessment tasks that inform each other and act as a critical dialogue with the subject matter.
1. Choice of creative projects. 2. Art + brand collaborations. 3. Studio Knowledge Object.


John Charles Goshert (2000) 'Punk' after the pistols: American music, economics, and politics in the 1980s and 1990s, Popular Music and Society, 24:1, 85-106

Communities of Practice
Designing Identity, Designing through Image, Designing Publications, Designing Disobedience


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