Suzie Zezula & Shayna Quinn

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Studio Inquiry

Showponies is a studio which explores exhibition of design and creative practices through identity and community connection. We will be creating a number of formats of promotion and using the graduating cohort as a case study to debut them into their future practice and remain connected as alumni. We will be creating frameworks which can be used engage with and represent a group within a community.
In Showponies we will be exploring how to consider exhibition and engagement with an audience through researching experimental formats of creative representation. We will be exploring a range of media and mediums and working with the creatives we are representing through surveying and collaborative practices.
Communication of knowledge
The focus of the studio will be exhibiting through design making, prototyping techniques, collaboration and considered mediums. We will be also looking at problem-solving through limitations.
We will be designing collaboratively to create a range of outputs such as curated experiences, branding, events, packaging, digital, all determined and framed by our look into the needs of who we are representing.
There are 3 assessment tasks for this studio, the briefs are made up of a range of milestone deliverables that are interconnected and build upon each other: Brief 01: SKO Brief 02 : You've got mail Brief 03 : Oh, hi there
Brno Biennial 2020 Graphic Design in the White Cube Kinross, Modern Typograpy: Exhibition
Communities of Practice
Designing Experiences, Design and the Post-Digital, Designing Identity, Designing through Image, Designing Disobedience

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