Studio Lead

Suzie Zezula



I am a design practitioner and lecturer in design and communication. I am a lecturer here at RMIT within the Communication Design program. I am the second year academic advisor, as well as teaching mainly into studio options. I have worked extensively in the south-east Asian region. I put a premium on ideas and concepts which are elegantly executed as finished pieces of communication. I encourage people to get out of their comfort zones, make mistakes and be pleasantly surprised with where these might lead you. And I love antiquated printing processes and adore the Pantone swatch book. My research examines how exhibition making might inform, or be incorporated into, communication design education, with a view to developing graduates' professional communication skills.

2024 Who Cares? We Care! : Creative thinking for complex problems
2023 H(Art) Attack: Innovative Disruption
2023 Love Letters : typography straight from the heart
2022 Working Our Wall: Gradshow Design
2022 The Poetry of Viewpoint
2021 Let's K. I. S. S. Studio
2020 Walking the Design TightRope: Designing to the Edges
2020 Brief Sabbatical
2020 Showponies
2019 Brief Sabbatical