2020_1 | Strategy Studios

S2. Brief Sabbatical

Shayna Quinn & Suzie Zezula


Studio Inquiry

n Brief Sabbatical, we will be exploring the importance of cultivating our own personal creative practise as an important tool rather than only a self-indulgent time to direct and feed our creative paths. We will be learning what inspires us, why it inspires us, how these starting points could evolve into new and unique directions rather than a simple mimic of your original inspiration and finally how can we shape and create an entire project of our own vision and interest in absolutely any media/medium/technique which interests each of us.
The studio relies on the student actively exploring what inspires them by researching sources and related sources. From there, considered analysis and unpacking will lead us to prototype, reflection and iteration activities to explore the directions both our projects and ultimately we as creatives should take.
Communication of knowledge
The focus of the studio is trying to arm you with a framework of personal creative practice, and recognise the importance of that alongside an industry creative practice. We will be researching, journaling, peer sharing, group working, concept developing, prototyping, making in a wide range of materials and techniques with the goal of taking our initial inspirations to new places through experimentation, and ultimately concept and crafting refinement of a major personal project.
In "Feed the Machine" you will create a weekly journal of diverse inspiration, ideas, experiments and prototypes. In "Pick and Mix" you will create a personal project of your choice based off your development in "Feed the Machine". For the SKO we will be reflecting on the experience we have had and the learning we have gained.
Brief 1 - SKO 30% Brief 2 - Feed the machine 30% Brief 3 - Pick and mix 40%
Communities of Practice
Designing Experiences, Designing Identity, Designing through Image, Designing Publications, Designing Disobedience

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