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C5. UX Prototype Designer

Blair Wilde


Studio Inquiry

In this studio you will apply user research methods to understand and empathise with a group of people you wish to communicate to. Define how best to do that, then ideate, prototype and test a website that helps you tell them about your design ability and ambitions. You will learn and apply a User Experience (UX) Methodology through Design Thinking. You will document and present your current design work as a website, and imagine your future design practice.
You will investigate and apply design thinking methodology to explore and apply UX (User Experience Design). The studio will ask you to consider your current design work and speculate about your future design practice. You will design, prototype and test solutions in low-fi and hi-fi form.
Communication of knowledge
At the conclusion of the studio your works will be showcased as a set of creative website or app prototypes. You will complete this studio having developed significant awareness, knowledge and skills that will contribute to your evolving pathway as a user experience designer, as well as a methodology that will provide a foundation for your work as a design professional.
The assessment tasks in this studio will help you produce a series of designed works. You will be undertaking and communicating stages of a user research methodology. You will be using low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes to explore and test your ideas using Adobe XD.
Brief 1: The strategy. A simple web design project to develop skills and learn the design thinking methodology core to this studio. Brief 2: A UX driven web (or app) design prototype. Brief 3: SKO (Studio Knowledge Object) to be discussed with your teacher.
Communities of Practice
Designing Experiences, Design and the Post-Digital, Designing Publications

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