Studio Lead

Dr. Andy Simionato



Andy Simionato works with his partner Karen ann Donnachie in the expanded fields of AI, robotics, typography and experimental publishing.
In 2020, the duo was awarded the Cornish Family Prize for Art and Design Publishing, for one of their A.I. designed books called ‘Perception’.

They were awarded the Tokyo Type Directors Club Award in 2019, 2020 and in 2024 they received the prestigious TTDC Grand Prize for their automated-art-system called "The Jagged Orbit" which explores day dreaming and distraction in intelligent machines.

Their works have been exhibited and collected around the world, including the Triennale Design Museum, Milan. In 2023 their nonhuman reading machine was added to the permanent collect of the Museum of Books and Writing, housed in the German National Library, Leipzig, Germany.  The museum is the world’s oldest museum of book culture, while its scope and the quality of its holdings also make it one of the most important.

2025 TESTING **
2024 Unbound : Tactical Publishing in the age of AI
2022 Mess is More: Drawing with Machines & Robots
2021 A to the K: Computational Typography
2020 codewords = code + words
2020 AR u ready? Imagining new worlds through mixed reality
2019 Wot is a book? Designing post-digital publications

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