Studio Lead

Dr. Andy Simionato



Andy Simionato works with his partner Karen ann Donnachie in the expanded fields of AI, mixed reality, typography and publishing.

Together they co-founded and curated the award winning experimental art periodical This is a Magazine and later the imprint Atomic Activity Books (from 2008). This macro-project has been widely featured in books and journals, including a chapter in Come Together: The Rise of Cooperative Art and Design (Princeton Architectural Press, 2015), and included in the Milan Triennale Design Museum’s TDM5 (2012).

They teach at the School of Design, RMIT University and have lectured on design at Semi-Permanent (Sydney) and ARCO (Madrid), and at leading schools such as Hochschule of Architecture (Liechtenstein), University of the Visual Arts (Venice, Italy), the LCC (London), and Politecnico (Milan).

Their design works have been exhibited in solo and group shows including the Kunstverein Neuhausen (Germany), Fondazione Mazzotta, Triennale Design Museum and Fabbrica del Vapore (all in Italy), the CCEC (Argentina), PICA, and Spectrum gallery (all in Australia), DDD Kyoto and Ginza Gallery Tokyo (Japan) and Spencer Brownstone (USA).

The duo have been awarded the Tokyo Type Directors Club Award for two consecutive years. In 2019 for their robotic-scribe “The Trumpet of the Swan”, which automatically writes every tweet published from @realdonaldtrump onto a continuous scroll of parchment paper. And again in 2020, for a project called the Library of Nonhuman Books.

In 2020, the duo was awarded the Cornish Family Prize for Art and Design Publishing, for one of their A.I. designed books called ‘Perception’.

2022 Mess is More: Drawing with Machines & Robots
2021 A to the K: Computational Typography
2020 codewords = code + words
2020 AR u ready? Imagining new worlds through mixed reality
2019 Wot is a book? Designing post-digital publications

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