Studio Lead

Blair Wilde



Effective, powerful, appropriate communication of ideas that benefit people are important in my design practice. My studios explore interaction and user experience design methodologies to engage people.  

I’m always looking for new ways to think about design, new ways to do things, and new things to do. Teaching students about how Communication Design integrates with User Experience Design practice and emerging technologies is also the focus of my research studies. 

I’ve been working in design since the mid 80s. In the 90s I freelanced for Advertising, PR and Corporate Design Consultancies in London and began to work in Interaction Design, creating websites and interactive experiences. I’ve been teaching in Communication Design at RMIT since 2001. 


Communities of Practice
Designing Experience, Designing for Social Change, Designing Publications,
2023 Studio Air : Common Design Studio 2023
2022 Prototype Designer
2022 Global Design Studio
 Prototype Designer
2021 Global Design Studio
2020 UX Prototype Designer

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