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When everyone zigs - ZAG! Learn the fundamentals of brand strategy, communication strategy and omni channel storytelling. During the journey of ZAG you will explore and challenge your creativity to craft an innovative and inspiring brand language and communication strategy for an international design conference!
You will learn and apply the latest methods in brand strategy, communication strategy and omni channel storytelling. You'll also meet and learn from the best. Throughout the semester industry peers will be invited as guest presenters to share insights into the design values and methods they embrace in their design practice
Communication of knowledge
During the semester you will be presenting your work to a panel of invited industry peers to receive valuable feedback on the progress of your project. You will also have the opportunity to present your final submission to industry peers and the public, being a guest presenter at the ServDes2020 Conference.
You will be creating the entire brand language and communication campaign strategy for the ServDes2020 Conference which will be held in Melbourne in 2020. This will include the development of a series of communication assets including, the brandmark, the brand typeface, a brand style guide, conference program, posters, uniforms, website, social media deliverables, bags, tickets etc. Yep - the whole lot!.
Semester 1
"ZAG, Author: Marty Neumeier. The Brand Gap, Author: Marty Neumeier. Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us, Author: Seth Godin."
Studio Partner
The ServDes2020 Conference.
Communities of Practice
Designing Identity

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