What If? Design Fiction and Speculation

Ed Hubber

5A, 5B
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Studio Inquiry

This studio will explore design practice as a method of fiction-making and speculation. Together we will ask ‘what if?’ and engage in making alternative worlds that contest the official realities.


We will engage with design theory and practice-led design research surrounding speculation, critical design and human centred design. You will engage critically with design as a discipline, creating design artefacts that explore this thinking.

Communication of knowledge

You will engage with practice-led research methods throughout the semester as well as building a strong community of practice with your classmates. 


We will focus on reflective practice, critique and lots of making as we explore design theory, and speculate about alternative design practices. We will - where possible - engage with the local design community here in Melbourne. You will be making and designing every week. This is an exploratory space where risk taking is encouraged and essential.


Brief 1: What if? Exploration of Speculation 
Brief 2: Self-directed Speculative Design-led Research
Brief 3: Studio Knowledge Object


Speculative Everything by Dunne and Raby.
Strange Design by Jehanne Dautrey.

Communities of Practice
Designing for Social Change, Designing Disobedience

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