Designing for Music

Bradley Pinkerton

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Studio Inquiry

How do you visualise something that you cannot see? 

How can you translate musical genres into digital and physical assets?

In this studio, you will explore and research the intersection of where design and music cross paths. You will see music from an artistic point of view and how we as designers learn how to translate it into a visual language. 


This studio will see you research different art in musical genres and learn about the approach in making engaging album branding. We will cover creating strong narratives, colour, non-traditional craft methods and typography.

Communication of knowledge

Students will be encouraged to learn how to look outside of the box for inspiration, expand original ideas and learn from each other through design-related activities. 


In this studio you will develop your own creative thinking, craft and design skills to develop branding for a particular musician. This doesn’t just include the album art, you will further evolve that into a brand that consists of various assets. These will exist in the digital space but also expand into items more tangible like merchandise and tour art. 


There will be three assessments in this studio which includes a group presentation, a main branding assignment and the SKO which is a small zine of your experience. 

Brief 1 = Group presentation to the class of your research into a case-study

Brief 2 = Major project

Brief 3 = SKO (Student Knowledge Object) on the learning from your studio




Communities of Practice
Design and the Post-Digital, Designing Identity, Designing through Image, Designing Publications

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