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Alex Zubryn & Julia Laskowski


Studio Inquiry

This studio explores identity through symbolism and narrative, to inspire contexts of selfhood. Its content integrates image-based activities in relation to contemporary contexts. Practice and theory are intrinsic to this studio, praxis operates as a mode of inquiry. Students will be asked to investigate ways that imagery creates meaning in relation to histories of myths, legends and fables. Historical and theoretical references provide ways to frame projects, emphasising activities of seeing, imagining and making.


Workshops will be organized in relation to presentations of myths, legends and fables. Online class activities will provide opportunities for making, sharing and researching ideas. There is an expectation that image-making will include a variety of media. You will be required to use physical mediums such as; charcoal, ink, paint, collage as well as digital platforms. Students in this class will present their ideas and image-making activities to each other on a regular basis. We will visit visual collections in galleries and museums via online links.

Communication of knowledge

Practice-led research methods will be the foundation for learning in this course. Crafting imagery is thinking through image-making.


SKO - Studio Knowledge Object as a PSD
Visual investigations relating to a selected theme will be integral to the SKO. This will become a visual archive of your process that is reflective and analytical. This practice addresses a given area of study with an appropriate level of complexity. The design of the Studio Knowledge Object outcome is important and will be supported by a PSD mockup.

Journal - Image making for design
A journal, designed and uploaded to an online publishing platform. This will be a physical printed and bound book for assessment. The document will establish an experimental, visual practice with a focus on image-making.


There are three assessment tasks for this studio, the briefs are made up of a range of milestone deliverables that are interconnected and build upon each other.

Brief 01: SKO
Brief 02: Collaborative project (due week 4)
Brief 03: Journal


Morales, Helen. Classical Mythology: A Very Short Introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007.
Hirsh, Jennie., and Dr Isabelle Loring Wallace. Contemporary Art and Classical Myth. Florence: Taylor & Francis Group, 2011.

Communities of Practice
Designing through Image

The Drawing Center, a museum in Manhattan's SoHo district, explores the medium of drawing as primary, dynamic, and relevant to contemporary culture, the future of art, and creative thought.

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