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Ben Mangan

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Studio Inquiry

Music is one of the most appreciated inspiration resources by designers and artists of any discipline. Through investigation, discussion and making, “Music To My Eyes” studio will explore designing for music as a studio practice. You will research traditional music packaging to digital streaming services and learn how to interpret, adapt and apply conceptual design across multiple platforms.


In this studio we will cover a variety of methods of thinking about and approaching design for music. Discover new artists (music and design), research a variety of musical genres (sounds and artwork), discuss and share findings, expand your skills in visual making and experimentation and; gain insight and inspiration of how music influences design and how design influences music.

Communication of knowledge

Your journey through this studio will focus on an understanding of music as a way of knowing and engaging with different communities. Gain an understanding of visual appropriation. You will engage with a wider discourse on the dissemination of music through developing a series of artworks that are applied to both print and digital media formats. 


Throughout the semester you will be set a series of design tasks and exercises that will explore conceptual art through image making and expressive typography. Additionally, you will make both physical and virtual album artworks for an artist and genre of your choice.


There are three assessment tasks for this studio, the briefs are made up of a range of milestone deliverables that are interconnected and build upon each other.

1: Research + Exploration + Tasks + Exercises

2: Major project — A series of album artworks

3: SKO — This will be presented in the format of your choice

Communities of Practice
Designing Experiences, Designing Identity, Designing through Image

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