Automotive Industry goes UXD

Anna Keilbach

Tuesday 9-11.30am, 12.30-3pm
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Studio Inquiry

In this studio we will deal with numerous aspects of User Experience Design (UXD). We will investigate how UXD can foster digital transformation and customers' experience for automotive companies as these traditional firms focus their efforts on car production, rather than creating users' experience and adapting to our digital world. We would like to resolve this issue by being creative and by adopting a think-outside-the-box approach, illustrating it through a design outcome.
This studio applies a practice-based research and design thinking approach to generate innovative solutions in regard to UX for the automotive industry. We will analyze existing services and its experiences on this business sector. In addition, our project focuses on a pilot project 'eScooter' of AUDI. We want show what possibilities car firms could offer (beyond selling only physical products) in order to increase the UX factors for their customers. Ideas (e.g. interface designs, services, scenarios) result in a visual hands-on design.
Communication of knowledge
Throughout the semester you will practice presenting your work to fellow students, relevant user groups/the public, industry stakeholders like AUDI, and invited experts. This offers you the opportunity to network and to push your projects further through the given professional feedback. Besides that, a range of communication design skills (e.g. interactive prototypes, MVPs, mockups, mobile and web apps, chatbots, animations, videos, installations) will be used in order to illustrate your ideas and solutions. You will be introduced to software for wireframing, rapid prototyping and UI design as the course focuses on a digital practical outcome.
The course activities are manifold: - iterative design process (understanding, observing, defining point of view, finding ideas, developing prototypes, testing, designing) - detailed stakeholder analysis (personas, customer journeys) - investigating and applying UXD - screen and interface design (e.g. Illustrator, Sketch) - interactive prototypes (e.g. Adobe XD, Principle, Invision, Axure) - documentation and presentation of the entire process We will start with theory and practice-orientated research followed by discussions, workshop sessions and designing digital products.
Choose your own focus within the framework. Here are examples related to AUDI's eScooter: - interaction design for the user interface - service design for different access models - design of the website and the suitable offer model - service design for purchase, rent, service, repair - borrowing stations - UX design for a training mode - big data business cases There are four assessment tasks for this studio which consist of various milestones: - Brief 01: research proposal - Brief 02: user analysis & data evaluation - Brief 03: design outcome - Brief 04: documentation (SKO)
Hassenzahl, M. (2004). "The interplay of beauty, goodness, and usability in interactive products. Human-computer interaction," 19(4), 319-349.
Studio Partner
We have established a contact with AUDI AG in Germany. They will provide us information and feedback.
Communities of Practice
User Experience Design, Service Design, Interaction Design, Digital Transformation

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