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David Cutter

Monday - 9.30 - 12.30, Wednesday - 9.00 - 12.00
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Studio Inquiry

The studio will operate based on a primary inquiry and a secondary inquiry. The primary studio inquiry is how to define, explore and develop successful Brand Identity Thinking and Brand Identity Design, partnered with the awareness, analysis and understanding of need for Identity and Identity design. The secondary studio inquiry is how to perpetuate new thinking and new language in Brand Identity Design.
The studio will engage in research planning, research development and analysis as context-oriented / purpose-oriented / focus-oriented research method and analysis. Knowledge encountered and developed will include the essence of Brand and Brand Identity Culture with focus on speculation and fresh and evolutionary and experimental creative pathways, plus context and audience perception.
Communication of knowledge
The focus of the studio is developing practice culture and practices that promote progressive and exploratory methodologies towards Brand Identity Thinking and Brand Identity Design. Defying expectation will be at the core of the types of strategies, principles and techniques that will be explored within the studio experience.
The studio will establish itself and run as a semi-professional operating studio, where the further development of each individual designer as practitioner is the over-arching focus. This studio will operate with scheduled and structured team meetings, project development reviews which will include both group and peer critique/feedback, methodologies workshops, research case study discussions and purpose-based/purpose managed open studio session timeframes. In consultation and/or guidance of the studio lead, each and every designer is expected to develop, manage and their own independent agenda of aims and objectives. This will occur within the studio as it runs as a collaborative collective, where all team members are expected to contribute as a team player. To evidence the learning and expertise development, all student team members will be developing strategy-oriented creative proposals with the option of developing applied designs as artifacts.
Project 1: Defining the Brand Identity Team Collaboration plus Individual Action Project 2 Part 1: Developing the Language Defining and Developing the Specialty Knowledge and Specialty Skills Project 3 Part 2: Developing and Applying the Language Part 2
Pre-Reading > The flexible future of branding and the death of the logo as we know it Rory Macrae

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