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C1. Packaging for the Luxury Sector

Renato Gallina


Studio Inquiry

Fact: You will work hard in this class. If the last few years of Luxury Packaging are any indication, you should produce work that you are really proud of that could be a highlight in your graduating folio and perhaps even win a national design award as some of the students have already done. In this studio, your typographic knowledge will be challenged. You eye for detail will be challenged. Your compositional skills will be challenged. Your art direction skills will be challenged. You will need to be flexible. You will need to be highly organised. You will do a lot of printouts.
Students will need to investigate the luxury sector in order to understand what makes it unique and to be informed properly before they start designing.
Communication of knowledge
This will be presented in the form of 3D protoypes for each brief that are targeted at a particular demographic.
There will be class discussions and presentations, regular group crits and one to one consultation scattered throughout each brief.
Brief 1: Design packaging for a new luxury brand product - Printed mock up. Brief 2: Design packaging for a new luxury brand product - Printed mock up. Brief 3: SKO - An A5 reflective publication
It is advisable to read these 2 articles before choosing to undertake this Studio: https://designpackaginginc.com/top-10-cues-to-luxury-packaging-design-1/ https://beta.thedieline.com/blog/2017/5/18/designing-luxury-packaging-by-telling-a-story
Communities of Practice
Branding Identity and Packaging

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