Wot is a book? Designing post-digital publications

Andy Simionato

Wednesday 9-11.30am, 12.30-3pm
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Studio Inquiry

In this studio you will test the boundaries of the book, and explore new publication design practices that have the potential to move fluidly between print and digital experiences. You will add skills and knowledge to your practice which will allow you to create speculative, generative and reactive book designs.
Students will engage with new post-digital publication practices and theory through hands-on activities, individual and group projects in speculative book design, and through weekly critical discussions.
Communication of knowledge
An exhibition of books by students at the City of Melbourne libraries that speculate on the futures of the book in the digital age, as well as the publication of their works on the dedicated web-site ~~~> www.wotisabook.com
One or more "post-digital" publications to be exhibited in the City of Melbourne Libraries, and on the website www.wotisabook.com
Brief 01: Group response to one of a selection of critical texts. Brief 02: A post-digital publication. Brief 03: Participation in a public exhibition of studio outcomes. Brief 04: Studio Knowledge Object Statement and documentation
Studio Partner
City of Melbourne Libraries
Communities of Practice
Designing the post-Digital, Designing Publications, Designing Disobedience

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