Studio Lead

Dr. Karen ann Donnachie



Karen ann Donnachie is an electronic artist and scholar working with hybrid technological and social systems for human-machine collaborations. Her creative practice engages with expanded photography and computer vision, robotics, generative design, data visualisation, publication design and electronic installation art.

With Andy Simionato, she is the winner of the Tokyo Type Director's club prize in 2019, and 2020, winner of the Cornish Family Prize for Art & Design Publishing 2020, and winner of the Robert Coover Award for Electronic Literature, 2020.

From 1990 through 2010, alongside Andy Simionato, she worked with the fashion industry from her multidisciplinary studio in Milan, Italy. Her editorial work has been published in "Vogue Italia", "Tokion", "Qvest", "Form" among others, and commissioned by global brands such as Calvin Klein, Adidas Originals and Gianfranco Ferre.

From Milan, Karen ann co-founded and curated the award-winning "This is a Magazine (about nothing)," and later the imprint "Atomic Activity Books." Her works in photography, video, algorithmic and Internet art have been exhibited internationally, including the Kunstverein Neuhausen (Germany), Ginza Graphic Gallery Tokyo (Japan), Milan Triennale di Design and Fabbrica del Vapore (Italy), the CCEC (Argentina), PICA and John Curtin Gallery (Aust), and featured in numerous publications including the V&A's "Interplay: Interactive Design," Heller & Ilic's "Handwritten" (Thames and Hudson), Princeton Architectural Press' "Come Together: The Rise of Cooperative Art and Design" (2014) and the Ambrose/Harris series "Basic Design" books published by AVA and Bloomsbury.

Communities of Practice
Design and the Post-Digital, Designing Identity, Designing Publications, Designing Disobedience,
2025 TESTING **
2022 Mess is More: Drawing with Machines & Robots
2021 Less & More: Post-Digital Collage
2021 A to the K: Computational Typography
2020 Slave to the Algorithm
2020 codewords = code + words
2020 AR u ready? Imagining new worlds through mixed reality
2019 Handle With Care
2019 Slave to the Algorithm

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