Studio Lead

Dr. Tania Ivanka



My key areas of interest are design ethnography, living systems and complexity and designing tools that support insight and understanding for these. Through my PhD I have been researching the intersection of systems thinking, co-design and healthcare. I aim to use the poetics of design to help us understand the world and each other better. I hope we can direct our design practice to heal the harm we have inflicted upon the earth and each other. I believe our future depends on understanding the inter-relatedness of all life. I love playing games and exploring complexity through design and art. And I enjoy a good yarn about complexity, systems, ecology, sustainability, growing food, cooking food, and unveiling the unspoken and half seen assumptions we have about the world, how it works and how it could be different.

Communities of Practice
Designing for Social Change,
2024 Bored
2023 If trees could speak
2023 If trees could speak
2022 Bored
2021 Bored
2021 imaginarium
2020 Life Aquatic
2020 Bay Love
2019 Water
2019 Bay Love