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Michelle Soldatos

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Studio Inquiry

This studio focuses on innovative technological design solutions propelling packaging design into the future of smart packaging. The wider field of inquiry is to explore the possibilities of employing technologies like NFC (Near Field Communication) and AR (Augmented Reality) to packaging design solutions to reach wider audiences and extend the packaging experience into the digital world.
Students will engage in research to identify innovative packaging solutions that are successful in incorporating technological applications. These technologies will be researched and investigated for insights into effective outcomes. User experience, participation and engagement will be explored as fundamental approaches to design.
Communication of knowledge
Digital technologies will be applied to packaging solutions creating a packaging experience that transforms the physical world to the digital world of smart packaging. Strategies in successful design solutions will bridge the platform of print to digital.
You will experiment with design techniques for effective digital application. A seamless integration of the digital outcome will be required showcasing a clear understanding of the importance of maintaining visual integrity across the print and digital platforms.
Assignment 1 is an exploration of packaging solutions integrating technological elements. Assignment 2 is providing a seamless integration of user participation in the tactile and digital experience. The SKO will be a creative document describing your experience and understanding of the complexities of smart packaging as a form of packaging design for the future.
'Near Field Communications Technology and Applications' Mike Hendry, 2014
Studio Partner
Communities of Practice
Designing Experiences, Design and the Post-Digital

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