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Studio Inquiry

The Reignite Melbourne studio explores the field of conceptualising and designing for cultural events and experiences. Melbourne remains impacted by the effects of the Covid pandemic and your client the City of Melbourne has established a recovery fund aiming to stimulate the creation of experiences that will draw people back into the city.

This studio will investigate the untapped potential of subverting existing or underutilised spaces to host creative events, installations, exhibitions or public interventions that will contribute to the reinvention and reinvigoration of Melbourne post Covid.

You will share personal connections to Melbourne and investigate strategies that inspire and inform creative processes that will drive your design development process.

Finally you will speculate, propose and visualise an event, exhibition, installation, or public intervention that is designed to reinvigorate and attract visitors back to Melbourne’s CBD. Your designed outcomes will be communicated through inspiring visual language designed to resonate with designated audiences.



You will examine your motivation and the strategies you use to connect to cultural activities and events. 

You will work in groups to research the city of Melbourne and the Melbourne City Council. What makes Melbourne Melbourne? What is the Council’s vision for a future Melbourne? What planning strategies does the Melbourne City council employ? 

This  knowledge will inform a design strategy that is applied to drive conceptual development. The resolved concept will be presented in a proposal format positioned to key City of Melbourne stakeholders.


Communication of knowledge

Knowledge will be communicated to the whole group through photo journals, personal archives, group research presentations and individually presented design strategies, initial sketches, design concepts and prototypes. 

Finally, you will present an event, exhibition, installation, or public intervention proposal comprising a positioning strategy, visitor experience visualisation and a visual language system applied to an announcement campaign.



You will examine, visualise and communicate the various ways you connect with the City of Melbourne. 

You will engage in design work that relates to the following disciplines:

– Experience Design
– Socially Engaged Practice 
– Placemaking 
– Identity, Branding and Strategy


You will work in subgroups to research the City of Melbourne and present research findings outlining the purpose of the organisation and the strategies employed to deliver events and exhibitions to specific audiences. 

You will participate in peer to peer work in progress presentations and provide critical feedback and support to one another throughout the individual design development process.



There will be three assessment tasks.

Project 1 – 20%

Project 2 – 50%

Project 3 – 30%


Communities of Practice
Designing Experiences, Designing Identity

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